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Vendor Selection & Engagement

Vendor Selection & Engagement

Our Vendor Selection, Evaluation and Engagement Services is a comprehensive service offering that will help you select and engage prospective vendors, in support of your business and technology related initiative. Through this extensive process, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of each vendor, and support you in making a final selection. Delays may be caused due to vendor confidentiality issues, slow or insufficient vendor response, or slow internal review process. Our Associates help you avoid these delays by helping manage the entire process more effectively.



 We initiate the process of understanding our needs, establishing requirements and expectations for vendors, and starting to form collaborations that lead to a successful selection.



With clear scope, requirements and expectations aligned with key stakeholders, we identify, vet and facilitate collaboration with prospects to ensure selection meets the project goal.  



Request For Information (RFI)/Quotation (RFQ) /Proposal (RFP) – We craft and issue a formal artifact to start negotiation, which captures requirements, selection criteria and instructions.


Vendor Negotiation
and Selection

 Our team leverages processes and tools to objectively lead you through the structured evaluation approach with an automated scoring framework that yields unbiased decision data.


Contract and Service Level Agreement Risk Mitigation

We work side-by-side with your legal and procurement teams to provide expert advice throughout the process of favorable terms for base agreement, service levels and cost. 


Governance and Implementation Support

We enable your team to implement and operationalize your initial vision; we provide robust delivery and governance framework to ensure that success is inevitable.

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