EnRoute Family Office

Development, Security & Operations

Development, Security & Operations

EnRoute Global™ practitioners bridge the gap between Development, Operations and Security Teams. Our DevSecOps leaders, scrum masters, architects and engineers blend with your Team, while providing our portfolio of solutions.


Gap Analysis, Planning
& Organization

We account for organizational readiness – people, culture, processes and systems, while traveling through the complex, organizational adoption maturity curve.


Strategy, Framework
& Communication

We catalog ecosystem components, processes, existing tools and KPIs, while integrating into an implementation roadmap, with targeted sprints – with all RAID items identified and monitored.


Process Implementation,
Deployment & Automation

We execute on the roadmap, by proceeding with the analysis, design, build, automation and implementation in the targeted workstream areas, while achieving efficiency and observability  


Integrate EcoSystem With CI/CD Pipelines & Tools

We bridge the DevSecOps gap by driving alignment on internal application, infrastructure and security framework vulnerabilities, metrics and benchmarks – feeding pipeline enablement.


Increase Process, Test
& QA Automation

We automate the entire process pipeline from architecture, network configs and security framework to production code –  covering builds, security scans, test cases, deployments, releases, validation checks.


Security Framework and Monitoring Integration

We ensure proactive monitoring and response to issues early in the development and testing cycle, and provide end-to-end integration via security-as-a-code.

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