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Application Risk Model

Application Risk Model

EnRoute Global™ practitioners assist customers understand risk across their application portfolio from many perspectives – strategic importance, business criticality, lifecycle, usage, non-compliance, end of life (EOL), most incidents, regulation, security classification, cost, and other critical data attributes.


Portfolio Analysis

Our discovery accounts for application and business ownership, while understanding application type, technology criticality, business value, disposition state, technical debt and costs.


Case Development

After we’ve cataloged the first iteration of the application portfolio inventory collection, we raise business cases for executive governance pilot, prioritization, and funding approval.


Discovery and Piloted
Application Risk Scoring

Next, we proceed with the application scoring framework with the piloted application(s) – including incident trends, costs, technical debt, contracts, EOL, regulatory, and other KPIs.  


Portfolio Deep-Dive and
Service Catalog Integration

With pilot insights, we drive the framework maturity and data enrichment via the prioritized plan – integrating service catalog, rationalization opportunities and target-state roadmaps.


Layering Regulatory and Compliance Threats

We extend the model to include regulatory and compliance initiatives – including legal hold, GRC, retirement, archival, decommission, classified, confidential and public data types.


Benefits Realization and Implementation Roadmap

We conclude the engagement with an application matrix and scoring model framework that ranks and assigns tiered actions to the in-scope applications and respective ecosystem.

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