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When Our Customers Need Us, a Fresh Offering Emerges

When our Customers really need us, we are there for them. When a one-off Customer requirement, becomes two then three, we pause to understand what’s going on around us. We look at how the markets are moving, industry trends, historical evidence and other data points. Once there’s enough supporting data, an EnRoute Practice Offerings emerges. 

With these special focus areas, it allows our Team to better satisfy and add value to our Customers. 

We have structured and grown our organization in an expandable fashion to handle all of the important aspects of our Customers – strategic direction, business planning, process re-engineering, business continuity and disaster recovery, financial management, mergers & acquisitions, emerging technologies, eCommerce, information and physical security, and outsourcing and staffing solutions.

Practice Offerings

We offer a wide range of practice offerings.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Accelerate your business to address your current and future decisions by structuring internal and external data into actionable and strategic KPIs. We establish an analytics framework by leveraging qualitative as well as quantitative techniques from disparate data to improve business productivity and decision‐making.

Certified Pre-Owned Sourcing (CPOS)​

Whether you are looking to leverage certified refurbished technology kit covered by a strong warranty, sourcing hard to find spare parts or working within a tight operating budget and need sourcing alternatives, our CPOS Practice is your one-stop shop for data center kit, laptops and other technology assets. 

Cost Optimization Framework

Cost optimization is a key driver when the economy is booming and especially during a pandemic. Whether for expansion, cloud adoption, partner buy-outs or to stay afloat, having a sound cost management framework is critical. Our cost strategies allow for transparency into each and every line item where you are over spending. 

Project Management (PM CoE)

Our proven methodology assists project teams succeed, by finding their bearings immediately. Our Center of Excellence (PM CoE) practioners bridge gaps, and reduces complexity and risk by focusing on techniques to continuously improve processes. This continual evolution ensures that each internal and external project adds to the coherence and efficiency.

Real Estate Advisory

The right real estate transaction provides the opportunity to enhance investor and corporate growth, marketplace competitiveness and profitability. Our transaction support services assist you in maximizing the benefits of a complex transaction, and identifying exposures and invisible risks that might change your perception and/or structuring of the deal.

Retirement, Archival & Decommission

Our retirement, archival, and decommissioning (RAD) framework assesses, suggests, and executes data center and application portfolio lifecycle divestiture dispositions and secure data destruction. Our process accounts for data and record sensitivity, regulatory, corporate historical data needs, and business operations and monetary improvements.

ServiceNow Solutions

We scope and implement  ServiceNow solutions that align with your suite of digital transformation strategies and goals. These goals work hand-in-hand with: application portfolio rationalization initiatives; IT asset processing, disposal & responsible recycling; data erasure and destruction; and data center kit and application decommissions. 

Staff Augmentation​

We help you save time and money, and maximize critical intellectual capital by scaling your executive, creative, technical, engineering and project management staff in order to meet ever changing demands. Our staffing uplift solutions allow you realize efficiencies that optimizes resources, risk and cost, without incurring the overhead of permanent employees. 

Technical Debt

Our Technical Debt methodology assists organizations by providing a framework, incorporating the “tech debt” structure, processes and metrics to capture, qualify,  quantify, and influence the reduction of the accumulated technical debt.  We change the culture, with knowledge transfer and guidance to understand the events where  technical debt acceptance is okay.

Technology Facilities Management

We ensure Disaster Recovery resiliency across data centers in the America’s, EU and APAC, so that you can focus on running your business. Our sole task is managing your technology and security operations. With a new hire, we configure and deploy devices to the office or their home… We backup your servers, email and endpoints. We become your IT shop!

Trade Advisory

Companies that are successful in one market niche or in one country, feel that its very easy to expand their business into other markets. However, this seemingly easy step has many pitfalls. Credibility in tin your local marketplace does not readily translate to the other markets. An experienced guide who understands of the the host country nuances is vital.

Web Accessibility

We adhere to all existing standards for website accessibility, including the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1. We are committed and have developed tools that allow for expedited compliance; therefore, ensuring that people with a disability is afforded the same opportunity to engage online and enjoy the same services as a person without a disability.

We will help you every step of the way!

EnRoute has special focus areas to better satisfy and add value to our Customers.
EnRoute has developed and structured our company in an expandable fashion to handle all of the important aspects of our Customers journey.

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